Managing people within organisations to enhance their performance.

Good HR professionals possess the following qualities:

  • Excellent interpersonal, good listening and motivational skills
  • A good listener and a people’s person
  • Excellent efficient and effective skills in communication (written and verbal)
  • The ability to be objective (to see both sides of a dispute)
  • The ability to achieve problem solving techniques


DURATION:  6 months
TIMES:                        2 hours per week
   FULL SETTLEMENT:R8 950.00 includes: Course MaterialOne final examination Certification Excludes: Supplementary examinations R495 per subject
  TERMS:                           Terms Deposit (non-refundable) 3 Instalments 5 Instalments R9 950.00 R3950.00 R2 000.00 R1200.00 Includes: Course Material One final examination Certification Excludes: Supplementary examinations: R495 per subject                             
PRE-REQUISITE:Working experience and good language skills or basic knowledge of the business world.  (A portfolio of evidence should accompany the registration form)
DETAILS OF QUALIFICATION:SAQA QUALIFICATON ID: 61595 (Part Qualification to Business Administration Services) PROVIDER QUALIFICATION


Full Settlement:With Registration Form
Deposit:With Registration Form
First Instalment:With Registration Form
Monthly Instalments starts:1st of every month


  • Managers and business owners who would like to gain more insight into Human Resources and need to equip themselves with better HR skills to manage their staff
  • Anyone wanting to gain a comprehensive overview of the key elements of Human Resources
  • Anyone who needs a refresher course on HR


  1. Evaluate the development of HRM
  2. Understand Key Departments and functions in HRM
  3. Identify trends and challenges facing HR today
  4. Optimise the professionalisation of HRM


History of HR Unit standard: 10983   Qualification ID: 61595 LP: 35928 Qualification Title: Business Administration Services   Development and implementation of an organisation`s equity related plans and policies, to communicate these plans and policies to stakeholders and to contribute to their monitoring and evaluation.What is HR and its functionsThe role of the HR managerHR and organisational successHR policiesPast and present HR (traditional and strategic approaches)  
Key issues in HR Unit standard: 10978  Qualification ID: 61595 LP: 35928 Qualification Title: Business Administration Services  Manpower planningRecruitment/SelectionInduction/PlacementGrievance/disciplinary proceduresCompensation systemsNeeds analysis
HR Management in an organisation Unit standard: 10171   Qualification ID: 61595 LP: 35928 Qualification Title: Business Administration Services    To organise the collation, storage and retrieval of information required for human resources management in an organisation, and advise and inform the organisation by providing information required for human resources management.Use a variety of techniques for gathering, ordering, recording, reporting and retrieving data. Keeping up to date personnel records.
Training and Development  Different types of Education and TrainingDefinition of Education and Training
Overview of the relevant Labour Laws  Maintenance of HRTypes of remunerationHealth and SafetyDisciplinary procedures
ASSIGNMENTS; CASE STUDIES; RESEARCH ON PROJECTS Students carry the above in their own timeEXAMINATIONS: An examination must be written to qualify for Provider certification