Advanced (Technical)

COURSE INCLUDES:             Learner Manual           Personalised Learning 1 x Final Assessment   Certificate of Competence            Experience Instructors Learner Support throughout duration     Notice Period to start training:               5 working daysDuration: 2 Days Time:       09h00 – 15h00   Date:       Negotiable   Training is customized to suit client’s requirements.Online and Contact classesRegisters and Evaluations will be submitted to client        Aligned with Unit standard identity: 12153 NQF 4 Qualification  ID: 67464 LP: 35928 Qualification Title: FETC Business Administration Services   METHOD OF ASSESSMENT: Practical ApplicationsWritten Communication Case studiesFinal Summative Assessment


  • Using textual features and conventions specific to texts
  • Identifying the intended audience for the communication
  • Identifying the purpose of a text
  • Selecting the appropriate text type, format and layout for the purpose
  • Organising and structuring a technical text appropriately
  • Using appropriate grammar conventions
  • Drafting and editing a technical text
  • Recognising errors and checking for accuracy
  • Presenting the same information in different ways
  • Using plain language in business 
  • All information is checked for accuracy, and factual correctness


IDENTIFY BEST PRACTICES INTENDED AUDIENCE FOR COMMUNICATIONMake responsible decisions about format, layout and material to be included in the text. Reflect on and explore a variety of strategies to write more effectively for different audiences and purposes.Be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts in carefully selecting words to create a variety of texts for different audiences and purposes.Understand the consequences of non-compliance with legislative and sector requirements for specific texts. 
ORGANISE REPORTS EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELYOrganise and manage his/her own activities responsibly and effectively.Structure, write and improve the quality of technical presentations by effectively communicating a message. Present layout Presentation for a Report format, including headings, bullets and Multi-level list numbering. Present information differently: graphs, charts and tables, etc.Recognise errors and assess accuracy through rigorously applying a checklist to texts
COLLECT A VARIETY OF INFORMATIONCollect, organise and critically evaluate information from a variety of technical texts. 
COMMUNICATING Communicate effectively using visual, mathematics and language skills in written texts.