(Service Excellence)

Includes: Training ManualAssessmentCertificate of Competence                 Or Certificate of Attendance   Learner to bring their own pencil, ruler, calculator and ruled paperDuration: 2 Days Time:     09h00 – 15h00 Date:      Negotiable Venue: Online or In-House   Training is customized to suit client’s requirements.     Unit standard identity:       
   10053;10052 SAQA Qualification  ID: 615953LP   METHOD OF ASSESSMENT: Practical ApplicationsProblem Solving TechniquesCase studiesFinal Summative Assessment  


Explain the importance of understanding company standards Explain the importance of good customer excellence service Describe the methods used to monitor staff-customer relations
Describe ways to obtain customer feedback Describe ways of establishing rapport with customers and maintaining a professional relationship Describe ways of increasing customer satisfaction     COURSE CONTENT:
Customer Service Skills:Identify and solve problems related to customer satisfaction and the performance of customer service
Putting Customer Service into Practice:Communicate effectively with customers when obtaining feedback 
Measuring Customer Service:Work effectively with others when monitoring the handling of customers 
Corporate and Self-ImageHierarchy of Customer Needs
Handling Complaints & CriticismsInternal and External stakeholders
Telephone Techniques  Frontline PR
Understanding Culture Be culturally sensitive across a range of social contexts when listening to and interpreting customers’ needs and requirements.
E-mail EtiquetteTips for writing professional e-mails